CityLine Fitness Expert
Getting to the gym every day is difficult for most people but as the Fitness Expert my audiences and clients often assume I spend hours in the gym. Truth is I spend my days training and motivation my clients and audiences and I can relate to not having endless time to exercise. Getting a complete workout in the least amount of time with great results has been the challenge. When I started to look for a machine which I could use to help me work on my strength and conditioning, this machine was a perfect fit! CoreStrenght1 is one of the most remarkable all-in-one machines I’ve seen and used in years! This innovative machine makes my workouts intense and very efficient. One of the things I really like about CoreStrength1 is that caters to all fitness levels, so I have been recommending it to my audiences and clients. After years of training and hundreds of clients I know versatility in fitness programs is extremely important, with Corestrength1 there are literally limitless amount of exercise you can do. When it comes to getting a complete workout right at home without any sacrifices to my progress or performance, Corestrength1 is my answer!