It's not a machine.
CS1 is a system.
Equipment and training programs that help build and sustain a strong core.
It's not a machine.
CS1 is a system.

Equipment and training programs that help build and sustain a strong core.

Practical Design with endless possibilities

The CoreStrength1® (CS1) is the ultimate all-in-one Commercial System. It includes an exercise unit that effectively fits up to eight individuals at once, small apparatus attachments (such as resistance bands) and training programs that benefit specific groups. The system is perfect for fitness centers, elementary and high schools, sports teams and athletic facilities, physiotherapy/athletic therapy and chiropractic clinics, government services, as well as professional Mixed Martial Arts facilities and many other establishments. 

The CS1 units were designed to be multi-functional in order to maximize results, and square footage without draining the budget. CS1 units include:

CoreStrength1® offers limitless potential to train every movement, every muscle and joint in the body.

For Gyms

Add a new revenue stream to your fitness facility.

For Physical Therapists

A solid and reliable piece of equipment to help unsteady clients get stronger

For Individuals and Groups

Use the equipment alone or with a group of up to 8 participants

For DoD and First Responders

Help your personnel meet fitness standards.

Cutting-Edge Training Programs

Our education programs are driven by science, backed by tens of thousands of hours of actual training, and aimed at improving trainers, clients, and the industry as a whole. We have three new programs currently in development.


The CS1: Foundations program focuses on physical therapy. It is geared toward toward individuals who are working on solving specific problems through individualized movements. Programs help increase mobility and stability of the joint systems.

*program coming soon

& Trainers

The CS1: Fit program is geared toward trainers and coaches. This program focuses on fitness goals, workouts and progress by using interval training program and periodized programming. It comes complete with exercise variability and strength and power adaptations.

*CEU's available

& First Responders

The CS1: MT program is geared toward specific branches of the military and for first responders. This program focuses on combat readiness, passing the military fitness tests and helps with job specific movements.

*program coming soon

Movement Multiplied

The proprietary CS1 system helps participants lose body fat, develop strength and muscle mass, gain mobility and endurance. 

Movements for

Work with clients to enhance neuromuscular and fascial integration to increase proprioception and core stability.

Innovative Group

Maximize profits and the square footage of your facility by implementing high energy fee-based program.

Programs to Pass
Fitness Tests

Turn-key solutions to increase fitness test scores while helping to meet weight/height standards.

Reliable and Scalable System

Our goal with the CoreStrength1® was simple: To develop a functional, stable piece of exercise equipment that could offer a platform to achieve increased health and quality of life. As a result of careful research and development, CS1 was designed to be durable, yet light enough for transport and to work well with small apparatuses. To offer the greatest amount of versatility, CS1 has 26 attachment points as well as three distinct heights that translate well to functional fitness movements and exercises. CoreStrength1® was originally designed in 2005 – but came to market in 2015. Since then we’ve been placed into schools around the world, in rehab facilities, in strength and conditioning gyms, CrossFit boxes, and in the homes of hundreds across the world.