At first sight the Corestrength1 powered by Jack Lalanne looks like a harmless picnic table….only….it has the opposite effect! This look alike picnic table kicks your butt! This is a moveable exercise apparatus the likes of which I have never seen before. It takes my father’s stretcher- band system(The Glamour Stretcher and Easy Way Conditioner) he formulated in the 1950’ and combines it with elements of his compact weight selector “Fitness King” he invented back in 1965. It’s a real complete gym. The Coresterngth1 also bends the mind to create new exercises one can do on it and they are indeed limitless. Every time we show it to someone a new type of exercise is created. Not only is CS1 good for the body, it is great for the imagination! When I found out that up to 16 people can use it at once, I knew we found the holy grail of exercise equipment. Having been born and raised in the industry I thought I had seen it all. Not only can the CS1 be used in public facilities such as schools, fire and police departments, but it is a small business in a box; perfect for personal trainers. I have observed that people in the 21st century are spending way too much time on the phone and not enough time moving around. Things are being done for us like never before through science and technology. There is a price to pay for luxury and that price is inactivity. We sincerely hope Corestrength1 powered by Jack LaLanne sends a message to the world that exercise can be fun, reduce stress, and lead to a healthier happier life.