If I heard it once I heard hundreds of times, “The key to any exercise program, to tighten and firm your muscles, is Resistance!” In the 1930’s, my husband, Jack LaLanne, also known as the Godfather Of Fitness, invented the very first leg extension, weight selector, pulley and squat, (now Smith) machines. Another first, in early 1950’s he came up with another form of resistance; a long rubber band with hoops on both ends called the Glamour Stretcher, for women, and the Easy Way Conditioner, for men. Fast-forward sixty years and this concept is now being used worldwide. Not to be outdone, the LaLanne Family has joined forces with Jaime Cameron, to establish a cutting edge piece of equipment known as CORESTRENGTH1 POWERED BY JACK LALANNE. It has a unique pyramid design with progressive steps and bars, plus the incorporation of Jack’s original concept, the resistance stretchers. A number of people can work out at the same time on this movable piece of equipment. It is being used in the Military, Schools, Clinics, Fitness Clubs. Police and Fire Departments. Simply, it’s a complete workout! You will get the same benefits working out on this machine that you would get using the many pieces of heavy equipment in Fitness Centers and Gyms. Fast and easy set up. Little or no maintenance. Ideal for one on one or group training. Jack would be as proud, and I am proud to be a part of the Corestrengthl team Powered by Jack LaLanne.